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It’s WAFL,
not ordinary waffles

WAFL is an international QSR company raised from the genuine idea: quick service restaurant with the widest range of waffle products.
The key feature of the brand is a concept of a restaurant with a great variety of meals made of waffles: sweet and savoury lines.

WAFL franchises and brand restaurants operate in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Czech Republic, India, The United States of America and we seek to partners from all around the world. This website introduces WAFL franchising opportunities.


Roasted and crispy concept

Sweet range of WAFL consists of Hong Kong waffles, Belgian waffles and J-Tube.
WAFL sandwich, corn dogs and WAFL Pies are key items of the savoury line.

We’ve made marvellous dishes out of waffles for all day long, starting from early morning breakfast till lunch and late night dinner.

Waffle starts from fresh and crispy crepe.
Eggless sweet WAFL dough is created for dessert waffles, salty — for savoury ones.


Fully provided
around the globe

We work on three continents: Europe, Nortern America, Asia

The all-new menu

We create the all-new menu A-Z for specific market preferences

Veg and non-veg

There is an option of vegetarian only menu for vegeterian states and specific areas

Indian case

Development of the company across the world turns into the knowledge and experience.
For example, let’s have a look at our Indian case. Our team created the all-new menu with full range of vegetarian products. That’s why WAFL is fully prepared to launch in vegeterian states of India.

8 countriesWAFL is already presented in 8 countries

WAFL goes worldwide

On soon appearence:
WAFL is already presented:
New Zealand
Czech Republic
Sky is the limit for expantion
80 outletsis our goal for India by end of 2018

Develop, learn and create

Project 2020

Since 2016 we offer our franchise and look forward to grow further with our partners. Our ambition is to spread the chain of the restaurants across five continents including South America and Australia with 600 outlets by end of 2020.

Accounting and regulations

We use accountant system and POS for quick service and delivery options across the chain of our restaurants. We launch promotions remotely, we do count consumables and wastage.

Count on us

WAFL is up to technologies. We succeed high marginality and economic efficiency due to POS systems, analysis and statistics. We accumulate data from the outlets, do research and predict the behaviour of customers relying on data.

Training staff

Future employees are trained by WAFL accredited trainers in 7 days in local training center.

Qualified staff for better sales

Our WAFL makers do the training according service book. Service book and other materials are available for WAFL partners, franchisees on WAFL Guides knowledge base.

Viral marketing

Share the joy

Our food worth spreading among the customers. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll strongly recommend it to your friends

Seasonal promos

Our menu is closely linked with the seasonal supply, so we are ready to fulfill our customers’ tastes throughout the whole year

Buzz-marketing is

Community of customers moving us forward. It is our valuable asset to get recognition and outstanding result on any marketplace

What your WAFL
restaurant is gonna be like?

3 outlet concepts

Demo of already made up solutions for WAFL outlets

High street cafe

20 — 40 m2 (215 — 430 ft2)
from 25 kW with Power Backup
Water supply
central / autonomus

Sewerage: central or autonomous
Hood: central or autonomous
Location preferences: High street, corner, ground floor, own entrance


Isle on food court

from 12 m2 (130 ft2)
from 15 kW with Power Backup
Water supply
central / autonomus

Sewerage: central or autonomous
Hood: central or autonomous
Location preferences: High street, corner, ground floor, own entrance


WAFL food truck*

from 15 kW with Power Backup
Water supply
central / autonomus

Sewerage: central or autonomous
Hood: central or autonomous
Location preferences: High street, corner, ground floor, own entranceFood trucks in India are supplied and manufactured by Azimuth Business On wheels Pvt. Ltd.

* — currently provided for Indian market only

Franchising is a key of partner relationship


  • Individual project design and specification
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Trade and production equipment
  • Registered trademark
  • Intellectual property
  • Expert view of selected location


  • Service book
  • Kitchen book
  • Training book
  • Operation book
  • Marketing book
  • Brand book


  • Advertising campaigns and promos
  • On-site support (personal manager)
  • POS/ERP software system
  • Regular supplies of raw materials, consumables
  • Online knowledge base
  • Courses and certification for staff

We are looking for you

Passionate like‑minded person

We are totally convinced that the key of an international prolific restaurant chain is the community of like-minded people. If you are already experienced in operation management (first of all, QSR, hospitality, retail), quick-witted in finance, you will definitely be WAFL partner. Our brand lives and grows thanks to the conscientious and fair people, who can negotiate, perform flexible approach of working, be tolerant to the opposite opinions. WAFL partner is an active investor, who fully understands the need for continuous reinvestment for profits.

Long-term relationship for profit

Development of the restaurant chain is the sequential process that involves well-organized workflow amongst all of participants. Our partners get into the whole process of restaurant routine and its particulars. They realise that business is always risky, so they think twice to make a decision. That is the way of successful multi-layered company.

Denis Efkin,
Key Account Manager
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